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About our Chocolate - Domori chocolate, quality premium chocolate store

About our Chocolate

Chocolate Domori means differnce

A sustaible approach for make chocolate

Domori the first chocolate Company in the world that created. Offered to consumers a chocolate testing code and defined which are the mandatory requirements for extraordinary chocolate: fragrance, fullness, purity and intensity. The first Company in the world that meets both the following requirements: processing more than ten varieties of cacao from different countries. Processing only superior cacao: the aromatic one (Criollo, Trinitario and Nacional), which represent less than 10% of the world’s overall harvest. The first chocolate factory in the world that produced 100% cacao paste with the following highlights: full, intense, only slightly bitter and only slightly astringent. The first Company in the world that was able to recover ancient varieties of Criollo cacao and to process them. Abouth our chocolate factory you can read also on WIKI Domori


For the consumers’ right to fragrance and information. The recognition of fragrance means the recognition of man and nature. Fighting in order to stop the extinction of rare varieties of cacao in their natural habitat. The rain forest, means fighting for the dignity of humanity and its ability to make choices. For the cacao farmers’ right of awareness. It is essential to create a sustainable development so that farmers can actively contribute to each stage of clonal selection. Post harvesting and can benefit from a significant prize whenever the cacao meets the quality requirements. 

Domori was established in 1994 from a large production project:

  1. Domori owns 50% of a 185 hectares plantation in Venezuela, the Hacienda San Josè, where it works to recover over 10 different varieties of Criollo’s cacao.
  2. Domori has agreements and contracts in place with cooperative farms or private businesses on various Countries. With the goal of selecting the plants to be grown and to code the fermentation methods.
  3. Domori develops post-harvesting stations in certain Countries in order to improve quality chocolate.

I am only a humble servant to chocolate: my true mission is to help change the history of fine cacao.
Gianluca Franzoni

Best quality chocolate

Quality of the cacao beans are the quality of chocolate



Once the fruit is ripe, the farmers harvest cacao beans. Open it to remove the bean clusters enveloped in a sugar based pulp. Depending on the country, the cacao beans are left to ferment in baskets, wooden boxes, o barrels, away from light. It is during fermentation that the fragrance starts to form. The sugar, the low pH, the anaerobic conditions sustain the activity of 16 types of yeasts. The yeasts transform sugar in alcohol and carbon dioxide. This produces heat and increases the temperature up to 50° C. In a subsequent aerobic stage, bacteria start to oxidize the alcohol into lactic acid and then into acetic acid. The fermentation process of cacao beans ranges between 4 days (for some Criollos varieties) and 78 days


The main goal of the drying process of the cacao beans is to reduce humidity up to 78%. To let the acidic acid evaporate and complete the fermentation reactions. It can be performed under the sun or artificially. At this point, the cacao beans are placed in bags and they are ready to be sold.


The None facility, in the municipal district of Turin, has been designed and built to maintain the sensory identity of the various varieties of cacao when they are transformed into extra bitter chocolate, Domori’s Italian heart. The cacao moves into the toasting chamber. Where man and machine share the privilege of witnessing the enzymatic reactions that take place during toasting. The cacao is poured in the cacao grinder, which separates the cacaos skin from its heart or cotyledon. The ground cacao then moves to the refining chamber where the following steps take place

  • Fine grinding, transforming the ground cacao into a liquid paste (thanks to the cellular rupture cacao butter pours out and therefore the mix becomes liquid).
  • Refining (with sugar as per formula) in other words the reduction of the particles to approximately 18 micron.
  • Conching, in other words the evaporation of the remaining humidity and of the undesirable aerial components. The dispersion of solids (sugar and the dry portion of the cacao) in the cacao butter. Domori’s process is a low impactcacao process thanks to:
  • Low temperatures
  • Process simplicity that requires less machinery and Less cycles to achieve results.

In its chocolate factory and in collaboration with the best Italian and French chefs Domori created its own school of chocolaterie and pastry.

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