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Premium chocolate Domori, quality chocolate shop - Criolo and Trinitario

Domori premium chocolate 

The name “Domori” was born out of love for 17h-century venice, a symbol of trade, travel and adventure in venetian dialect, “Domori” means “due mori” (“two moors”). Typical expression that refers to the two statues that mark the time on the large bell at the top of the clock tower, in piazza san marco. In the imagination of our founder. The two moors represented two dark seeds: coffee and cacao. Another example of this vision is the domori logo, created by a designer from bologna. It was initially made of sealing wax, gold, venetian stucco and titian red. Today, sealing wax and stucco have made room for more modern and essential geometric shapes. Highlight pureness and elegance all the while maintaining the brand’s original chocolate spirit.

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Chocolate Domori - Chocolate Criollo and Trinitario

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For years the chocolate factory Domori has established it self in the gourmet world. Receiving international acclaim for the quality and purity of its product but also for its status as a standard in chocolate tasting. It has been acclaimed not only by the final consumer: confectioners, maîtres chocolatier and icecream makers have also shown a growing appreciation for the qualities of Domori chocolate. The growing demand by professionals from the sector and the space still left open for a standard bearer of quality such as Domori in this specific area. These represent the cornerstone for the creation of a new laboratory line. In June 2011, the new facility for the production of professional chocolate and couvertureswas inaugurated.

Everything is aimed at maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of Domori cacao. The perfect workability of the obtained couvertures. Production philosophy of Domori remains unaltered: control of the entire supply chain. The decision to process only high quality fine cacao, through a gentle and lowimpact procedure to ensure that the finished product has the best possible flavors and aromas that are typical to these varieties. All processing occurs using the most modern, cutting-edge technology: from roasting (at low temperatures) to refining, from conching to packaging. 

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